Corporate packages

At Direct Vision opticians we offer comprehensive corporate eyecare packages for employees of businesses from SME’s to large multinationals.
There are four main packages that we cover: VDU eyecare, Safety eyecare, Driver eyecare, Employee benefit packages.

The eye care package consists of:
•Full eye examination with our qualified Optometrist
•Vision corrective glasses (VDU, safety, driver) if necessary
•Up to 20% off glasses an employee may personally wish to buy

VDU Eye Care

As part of the Health and Safety (DSE) regulations 1992 it is up to the employer to ensure the comfort of vision for their employees when using a visual display unit ,i.e. computer screen.
This means paying for employees to have a sight test and possible spectacles.
Our VDU eye care package includes the price of a sight test and single vision glasses if necessary, from a selected range where the employee can pay to upgrade if they wish.

Safety Eye Care

To help meet their duty of care to their employee’s companies should provide safety eyewear in any working environment deemed dangerous to an employee’s eyes.
Working in an industrial environment with machinery, chemicals, sparks, or metal fragments where you do not wear certified protective eyewear can leave you at risk of eye injuries.
Direct Vision safety eyewear is the secure solution. Our prescription safety glasses meet the highest European and British standards, they are BS en166 ce certified and come with polycarbonate lenses as standard.
Safety eyewear is available in the employee’s own prescription so they can wear these in place of their own glasses. Our safety eye care pack includes a sight test and safety glasses as single vision, bifocal or varifocal.

Driver Eye Care

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to take appropriate steps to ensure the health and safety of their employees and others who may be affected by their activities when at work.
This includes the time when they are driving or riding at work, whether this is in a company or hired vehicle, or in the employee’s own vehicle.
Our driver eyecare package includes the cost of a sight test and single vision glasses if necessary, from a selected range where the employee can pay to upgrade if they wish.

Employee Benefit Package

We know that a happy workforce is the most important aspect of any business. Offering eye health solutions for your workforce offers an invaluable benefit.
At Direct Vision we can offer you tailor made packages for eye examinations and eye care solutions.

At Direct Vision we offer comprehensive tailored eye examination and eyewear packages that are beneficial for you and your employees.