Free NHS funded eye test and glasses for kids/teens

At Direct Vision Opticians we offer free NHS funded eye exams and free glasses to under 16s and those aged 16, 17 or 18 and in full time education. Regular eye exams in kids/teens are crucial to ensure that vision and eye health is hitting the correct milestones. Various examination techniques are at the Optometrist’s disposal to cater for various age groups; even from birth. We have a great selection of free kids & teens frames, you can also upgrade your frame and lens options with generous discounts, please come in store for a consultation.

Contact Lenses for kids/teens

There is no minimum age for contact lenses, to maintain safety and hygiene, it’s a decision to be made between parent/guardian, your child and the Optometrist. Contact Lenses can be perfect for when glasses get in the way, such as when playing sports or undertaking certain hobbies. A contact lens assessment is always required to ascertain suitability. Visit our contact lens page for more info.

Monitor your child's vision:

  • Complaints of headaches or tired eyes after school might indicate an eye problem.
  • 1 in 5 UK teenagers are short-sighted.
  • Look out for: Children wearing glasses – especially sporty ones – might benefit from contact lenses but they must be kept clean!
  • Look out for these signs in your child, they may indicate a problem:

  • Rubbing their eyes a lot (except when tired, which is normal)
  • Having excessively watery eyes.
  • Sitting very close to the TV or holding books/objects close to their face.
  • Being clumsy and having poor hand/eye coordination.
  • Screwing their eyes up or closing one eye when they read or watch TV.
  • Avoid reading, writing or drawing.
  • Closing one eye when they go out in bright sunshine.

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